The Basics

No GPX trail will be provided, just a list of checkpoints. Participants will need to plan their route in the most optimal way for them, in order to pass through the maximum number of checkpoints collecting maximum number of points within the event time frame.

All we will provide is a list of checkpoints and tabulation of results. Period. There is no race organization, no support system, nothing. You will be completely on your own, just as you would be if you chose to ride any other trail, on any other day.

If you want to be included in the "results" you need to follow the rules of self-supported travel and tracking set on the rules page. This means things like support crews and water caches are not allowed. This is done in order to ensure a level playing field.

The event will be tracked by, providing a live map, and stats that can be used to follow along. While carrying a SPOT and being tracked by trackleaders is only mandatory in case you want to be tracked and ranked on the event page, it is recomended and encouraged for all participants for obvious safety reasons.

Starting: Thursday, February 27st 2025, 10:00 - Dimona, Aroma restaurant
Finish: Start+72 hours - Eilat, Um-Rashrah

Photo Credits - Gil Hacham